Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Life Update & Cute Sim

So fun update, I haven't posted in a while because the past few months have been wild. I think last month my mom was put in the hospital for which we now know was for crohn's disease, which isn't fun or fresh. I want yall to know my moms dumb ass doctor didn't care to notice she lost a lot of weight out of no where and continued to say that she could loose more weight. My mom is literally a tooth pick. But okay doc. whatever. Also I haven't been feeling at my finest either. I think I'm suffering from endometriosis so yay love being a female, I really do. Ill keep yall updated on that cause I'm sure everyone is so interested lol. (That was sarcasm.) And as I'm typing this up I lay here on the couch with a sprained ankle. Like 5 days ago I was walking to the basement and long story short I fell. So now ya girl is broke broke (money wise) cause Beck and I have a trip to Florida soon and I just missed a week of work so yay. just yay. life has been treating me so well if you can tell. Anyyyyyyy way, I made a cute sim, we shall call her Penelope. I'm really happy with the turn out. I got kinda lazy to add a background to the pictures or anything but its fine. Maybe next time. I'm still trying to find mods & stuff. If you like the mods I used here you can find the blogs in my links I have provided on my profile. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Missing You Milo.

So Last time I posted about milo was in 2017 and yall loved him. He is pretty cute and one of a kind. But I thought id update you on him. And sadly there really isn't one and I'm heartbroken. Milo was a old doggo. He would have been 15 years old this year, which is pretty old. He was close to his last days. He eventually had trouble climbing on to his favorite spot on the couch which lead to me buying him a comfy dog bed. But he didn't care for it, it just wasn't the same. But what had happened was sometime last year in the summer time he had ran away from my dads house (that's where he lived) and my father didn't let any of us know. Us being my mother, little sister, or I know. Literally he waited for me to notice the dog food bowls in the kitchen were gone. I HAD TO BE THE ONE TO BRING IT UP.! and the thing is I had only gone to my dads every other weekend so I wasn't there often. When I asked how long he was missing, I was told "probably a week" so he knew this long and told no one. It was the summer time, so it was extremely hot. And poor milo was an old pup who couldn't have walked very far, especially in such heat. So it just goes to show how awful my father really is. Ill post more about him later cause he's really messed up man. Yall have no idea. :( But he is no longer in my life and I'm so grateful I finally was able to call it quits.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

How my life has changed since you last saw me.

So here's my first official post being back here. I kind of wanted to talk about how some of my life has changed since I was last here. For starters one of the main things is I'm no longer in college and I'm so happy I decided to leave. I honestly hated school so much, not sure why my mother thought forcing me to go was a good idea. Ill share more of the story on why school wasn't for me next post cause that'll be a long story. but it took me failing for a few years before my mom finally gave up the idea of just letting me leave. which worked out for the both of us in the end because after the first year of failing we lost our fasfa money and we had to pay for everything out of pocket. So literally thousands of dollars down the drain because she was forcing something that wasn't even worth her effort or money.
I think the last job I had was at head west sub shop. It was pretty cool there, very chill. I definitely recommend working there. well, if you don't really have bills to pay. back then I thought making $300 a check was a lot lol. But I ended up leaving there because everything went downhill. One day the manager and the opener who was pretty much like a manager got fired. I don't remember what they had done but it was for something stupid. But once we got a new manager and some new people in there the place became a mess. The new manager dude was cool to be around off the clock but on the clock he was just too much, for all of us. dude had no chill.😂 So eventually I got to the point where I was just over it. so that brings us to where I'm at today. I ended up applying for a job at Walmart and I've now been there for a year and some months. Its not the best job but I'm making great money and the people I work with make it all worth it. I do highly recommend a retail job rather than working with food. Just incase you work in food and thinking about something different. But just after working at Walmart for a few Months I met Beckett. My current boyfriend.
Beck and I have been dating a year now. When I first joined Walmart they had me at the register (now I'm an sales floor associate on over nights) And Beck was my CSM (Customer Service Manager) so he would always come up to the register when I entered the code for help. And as I got to know him & his personality I fell for him. It was the biggest crush ever. I wasn't expecting feelings to be mutual but other associates were telling me other wise. So since then we've been together and I'm beyond happy & so in love. In 2017 I was Hella single. I had actually been single for 5 years prior to beck. Sad right? Actually not really lol. I'm a loner and I prefer to be alone. So he had to be pretty cool to go & change all of that. But I'm a better person because of it.
And lastly Beck and I live together now. I might make another post about that some other time. But its great. Last time I was here I was still living with my momma bear.
So needless to say I'm a lot happier now. I think 2017 was when I was at my lowest in life. My depression was eating me alive. Being forced to do crap I hated doing and not living the way I want to. My depression is still there, that shit never leaves, but I'm definitely 100% happier with my life now. Just goes to show that even though you're going through a rough patch, even if that patch has been rough for 3 years, with time everything will fall into place. Happiness takes time, growth, & knowledge. So don't let life  knock you down too hard. Get back up, hell crawl if you have to. Better than laying there and doing nothing.