Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Missing You Milo.

So Last time I posted about milo was in 2017 and yall loved him. He is pretty cute and one of a kind. But I thought id update you on him. And sadly there really isn't one and I'm heartbroken. Milo was a old doggo. He would have been 15 years old this year, which is pretty old. He was close to his last days. He eventually had trouble climbing on to his favorite spot on the couch which lead to me buying him a comfy dog bed. But he didn't care for it, it just wasn't the same. But what had happened was sometime last year in the summer time he had ran away from my dads house (that's where he lived) and my father didn't let any of us know. Us being my mother, little sister, or I know. Literally he waited for me to notice the dog food bowls in the kitchen were gone. I HAD TO BE THE ONE TO BRING IT UP.! and the thing is I had only gone to my dads every other weekend so I wasn't there often. When I asked how long he was missing, I was told "probably a week" so he knew this long and told no one. It was the summer time, so it was extremely hot. And poor milo was an old pup who couldn't have walked very far, especially in such heat. So it just goes to show how awful my father really is. Ill post more about him later cause he's really messed up man. Yall have no idea. :( But he is no longer in my life and I'm so grateful I finally was able to call it quits.