Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Life Update & Cute Sim

So fun update, I haven't posted in a while because the past few months have been wild. I think last month my mom was put in the hospital for which we now know was for crohn's disease, which isn't fun or fresh. I want yall to know my moms dumb ass doctor didn't care to notice she lost a lot of weight out of no where and continued to say that she could loose more weight. My mom is literally a tooth pick. But okay doc. whatever. Also I haven't been feeling at my finest either. I think I'm suffering from endometriosis so yay love being a female, I really do. Ill keep yall updated on that cause I'm sure everyone is so interested lol. (That was sarcasm.) And as I'm typing this up I lay here on the couch with a sprained ankle. Like 5 days ago I was walking to the basement and long story short I fell. So now ya girl is broke broke (money wise) cause Beck and I have a trip to Florida soon and I just missed a week of work so yay. just yay. life has been treating me so well if you can tell. Anyyyyyyy way, I made a cute sim, we shall call her Penelope. I'm really happy with the turn out. I got kinda lazy to add a background to the pictures or anything but its fine. Maybe next time. I'm still trying to find mods & stuff. If you like the mods I used here you can find the blogs in my links I have provided on my profile. 

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